Mitral valve thromboendocarditis in a patient with a novel coronavirus disease COVID-19

Authors: Yarmedova S.F., Piksina G.F., Borisova E.V., Kalyuzhnaya A.S.

Company: City clinical hospital named after E.O. Mukhin, Moscow, Russian Federation

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Type:  Clinical Cases


For citation: Yarmedova S.F., Piksina G.F., Borisova E.V., Kalyuzhnaya A.S. Mitral valve thromboendocarditis in a patient with a novel coronavirus disease COVID-19. Creative Cardiology. 2022; 16 (2): 250–7 (in Russ.). DOI: 10.24022/1997-3187-2022-16-2-250-257

Received / Accepted:  28.04.2022 / 07.06.2022

Keywords: novel coronavirus infectious disease thromboendocarditis infective endocarditis COVID-19

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Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus disease pandemic, which has claimed millions of lives around the world, vaccines and effective therapeutic strategies have been developed, but along with this, approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of well-known diseases have changed, these metamorphoses also affected cardiovascular diseases. So, a flurry of publications is devoted to the development of myocarditis and myocardial damage within the framework of novel coronavirus infectious disease, however, there are practically no data on the concomitant course of COVID-19 and infective endocarditis or thromboendocarditis. In our case, we demonstrate the combined course of novel coronavirus infectious disease, viral pneumonia and infectious thromboendocarditis in a patient with pre-existing corrected valvular heart disease. Of particular interest are the pathogenetic links, the nature of the clinical course and prognosis in the combination of these nosologies.


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About Authors

  • Sevindzh F. Yarmedova, Cardiologist; ORCID
  • Galina F. Piksina, Cand. Med. Sci., Head of Department, Cardiologist; ORCID
  • Ekaterina V. Borisova, Cand. Med. Sci., Cardiologist; ORCID
  • Anna S. Kalyuzhnaya, Cand. Med. Sci., Physician; ORCID

Chief Editor

Leo A. Bockeria, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, President of Bakoulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery