Креативная кардиология. 2016; 10(3)

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Platelet chemiluminescence and endothelial dysfunctionin patients with acute myocardial infarction

Ryzhkova E.V. , Ryazankina N.B. , Lebedeva А.M. , Аlbakova Т.M. , Аlbakova R.M. , Gabbasov Z.A. , Kogan-Yasnyy V.V. , Shpektor А.V. , Vasilieva Е.Yu.

Leukocyte-platelet complexes in the pathogenesis of acute coronary syndrome. Part 2

Pinegina N.V.

Obstructive sleep apnea and the risk of cardiovascular disease

Magomedova N.M., Golukhova E.Z.

Diagnostic value of electroencephalographic parameters in patients with early postoperative cognitive dysfunction after coronary artery bypass grafting

Tarasova I.V., Trubnikova O.А., Barbarash O.L., Barbarash L.S.

A value of periodic intracardiac electrograms used in the remote monitoring systems

Damrina E.V., Ilov N.N., Nechepurenko A.A.

Modern approaches in diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary hypertension based on recommendations of European Society of Cardiology and European Respiratory Society of recent years

Bekuraidze E.V. , Arakelyan M.G. , Sokolova N.Yu. , Kazanovskaya S.N.

Left ventricular thrombosis in woman with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy after pregnancy, induced in vitro fertilization

Koloskova N.N., Aleksandrova S.A., Berseneva М.I., Golukhova E.Z.

Clinical case of successful interventional treatment of ventricular premature beats originated from left aortic sinus

Kovalev A.S. ,Kubova M.Ch. , Novikov A.V. , Sabirov Sh.N. , Sokolova N.Yu. , Filatov A.G.

Chief Editor

Leo A. Bockeria, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, President of Bakoulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery