Креативная кардиология. 2017; 11(3)

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Editorial article

From clinical trials to innovative techniques

Golukhova E.Z.

Ischemic heart disease

For the anniversary of coronary artery bypass grafting: again about this story, about burnout and truentism

Alshibaya M.D.

Short-term results of coronary artery bypass grafting on a beating heart in patients older than 70 years with multi-vessel coronary lesions

A.A. Melikulov, V.Yu. Merzlyakov, I.V. Klyuchnikov, S.K. Mamedova, R.K. Baychurin, M.F. Akhmedova

Predictors of rapid progression of carotid atherosclerosis in patients with stable coronary artery disease after myocardial revascularization

Sokolova N.Yu. , Bakulina A.V. , Magomedova N.M. , Kazanovskaya S.N. , Golukhova E.Z.

Valvular heart disease

Mortality from acquired heart disease during a 15 year period in the Russian Federation and the United States and an analysis of the factors influencing their formation

Semenov V.Yu. , Samorodskaya I.V. , Larina V.N. , Andreev E.M.

New diagnostic techniques in cardiology

Occlusive carotid disease assessment: history and new diagnostic technologies

Vishnyakova M.V. (Jr.)

Heart rhythm disorders

Risk factors of left atrial thrombus and/or thromboembolism in patients with nonvalvular, nonischemic atrial fibrillation

Golukhova E.Z., Gromova O.I., Arakelyan M.G., Bulaeva N.I., Zholbaeva A.Z., Mashina T.V., Dzhanketova V.S., Shlyappo M.A.

Giant aneurysm of renal artery: a case of successful operative treatment and literature report

Arakelyan V.S., Gidaspov N.A., Kulichkov P.P., Chshieva I.V.

Case reports

Successful surgical correction of massive recurrent pulmonary embolism with high pulmonary hypertension

Gorbachevskiy S.V., Rakhmonov K.Kh., Yudin G.V., Khal’vani M.Yu., Sabitov A.A.

Chief Editor

Leo A. Bockeria, MD, PhD, DSc, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, President of Bakoulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery